Alliance Establishes Medical Advisory Board

Alliance Family of Companies has established a Medical Advisory Board to provide guidance as the company grows and expands its reach with new products and services. The Board consists of a diverse group of six highly experienced and respected medical professionals from the fields of neurology and cardiology. It will be led by our new Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Jeremy Slater, M.D., ABCN, a neurologist with an extensive background in the clinical care of epilepsy patients.

“The Board includes acclaimed experts in epilepsy from both the academic and private sectors,” said Slater. “We have an internationally famous researcher in cardiology, one of the world’s best brain injury experts, and one of the country’s top neuro-ethicists.”

“Their input will allow Alliance to continually improve the quality of service from the patient’s standpoint, make sure that we have incorporated the latest national standards into our workflow, as well as provide critical guidance as we develop new products and services,” Slater said.

Having a neuro-ethicist serving on the Board will ensure that the company continues to maintain the highest ethical standards, he explained. “With advancing technology, we are entering an age of increasingly complex ethical problems in medicine in general, but especially with respect to the treatment of diseases affecting the brain.”

Besides brain injuries and neuro-ethics, individual board members also have specialized experience in seizure disorders, epilepsy in geriatric populations, women with epilepsy, sudden cardiac death, and neuromuscular disease.

The new Board will meet on a regular basis to consult and collaborate with members of Alliance’s executive team, including CEO Justin Magnuson, CFO Andrea Bohannon, Chief Development Officer Don Jacobs, COO Conor Butts and others.

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