Meet Alliance Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jeremy Slater

Dr. Jeremy Slater, M.D., ABCN, joined the Alliance Family of Companies as Chief Medical Officer in 2018. He has worked in the field of epilepsy for more than 27 years, serving as the Director of the Texas Comprehensive Epilepsy Program from 2004 to 2018. Dr. Slater successfully grew the center from a single neurologist and neurosurgeon to one of the largest epilepsy surgery programs in the country.

“Of the companies providing [in-home video EEG], Alliance stood out in terms of its dedication to providing the best patient experience, the highest technical quality of the studies, and when I met and interacted with the leadership, it was clear they are focused on thinking ahead—seeing the ways the new scientific developments can be rapidly applied to improve patient care,” Dr. Slater said when he joined the organization.

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What inspired you to pursue your specific field of expertise?

I became a physician because someone a lot smarter than me once said, “To find happiness, find something you love to do that helps other people, then do it”. For me, becoming a doctor fit the bill. I went into Neurology because after thinking about it, I realized that you could potentially transplant any organ into a person, and they would still be that person – except for the brain. If you transplanted the brain of someone else into a person, that person would now be someone else. So it seemed like the brain is the part of the body that matters. That left Psychiatry, Neurology and Neurosurgery. Turned out the Neurology was the best fit – especially neurophysiology and epilepsy.

How is the work of the Medical Advisory Board advancing patient care?

Clinical neurophysiology is a rapidly advancing field, and our ability to perform monitoring in the patient’s home has vastly improved over the last decade. The input from the Medical Advisory Board is critical to guide Alliance in the effort to provide the best possible patient care. Which technology to adopt, how to deploy it, how to make sure patients safety and privacy issues are addressed as effectively as possible, and even which new methods should be developed – these decisions are all made with the help of the MAB.

What differentiates Alliance from its competitors?

Besides the obvious – that Alliance takes care of a patient population orders of magnitude larger than its nearest competitors, our company distinguishes itself in its singular pursuit of the highest level of patient care completed in the most cost-efficient way possible. We operate the most sophisticated web-based platform for EEG acquisition in the world, and in the next six months will be introducing advanced forms of both EEG and EKG analysis, services unavailable from any of the competition. We are also proud of the fact we are the only such company with nationally-renowned neuro-ethicist serving as a member of the Medical Advisory Board.


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