Report Showcases VAEEG Success

In the March 2019 issue of “Seizure: European Journal of Epilepsy,” an exciting new report led by the UH Neurological Institute’s Dr. Tanvir Syed included a retrospective analysis of a massive database consisting of nearly 10,000 reports of ambulatory video-EEG monitoring (aVEM) on studies from 28 different states across the U.S., all performed by Alliance Family of Companies, LLC.

The number of patients included in this study, entitled “Outcome of ambulatory video-EEG monitoring in a ˜10,000 patient nationwide cohort,” is approximately 20 times larger than any study previously performed, establishing a clear role for aVEM in the physician’s diagnostic armamentarium.

The primary outcome measure examined by the researchers was whether at least one push button event was captured during the aVEM recording, or if clear epileptiform activity was recorded. A similar analysis was performed on a group of patients who had undergone in-patient video EEG studies at a National Association of Epilepsy Centers Level IV epilepsy center.

The result: more than 62% of the patients studied with aVEM achieved the primary outcome, a number comparable to that from the inpatient studies. 1

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1. Outcome of ambulatory video-EEG monitoring in a ˜10,000 patient nationwide cohort. Syed, Tanvir U. et al. Seizure – European Journal of Epilepsy, Volume 66, 104 – 111

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